As a para-academic space that operates across traditional educational environments, Open Set draws its mentors and speakers from many different organisations and countries.

Because new paradigms can only be achieved through a diversity of perspectives.

This allows us to engineer a level of pedagogical and methodological diversity that is often not possible within the confines of a single institution.

Our programmes are a rare opportunity to experience what it’s like when renowned experts with competing visions come together under one roof — for a fleeting moment — to tackle the latest developments in the field. Participants receive close mentorship from this ever-changing assembly of thinkers and makers.

Selected list of the experts:

The Netherlands

Peter Bilak type designer, publisher, Petr van Blokland type designer, René Boer architect Failed Architecture, Christine Boshuijzen - van Burken philosopher, Josephine Bosma journalist and critic, Max Bruinsma independent design critic, Florian Cramer independent design critic and researcher, Thomas Castro & Jeroen Barendse designer, studio LUST, Binna Choi curator, Casco - Office for Art, Design and Theorye, Liza Enebeis designer, Studio Dumbar, Dennis Elbers curator, Graphic Design Festival Breda, Martijn Engelbregt designer, artist, Daniel Gross & Joris Maltha designers, studio Catalogtree, Alfons Hooikaas designer, Els Kuijpers theorist and curator, Jan van Toorn designer, Jacqueline Heerema artist, Annette Krauss artist, Jeanne van Heeswijk artist, Karen Lancel artist, Lancel & Maat, Bruno Listopad choreographer, Geert Lovink media theorist, net critic, Institute of network Cultures, Koert van Mensvoort artist, philosopher & scientist, Next Nature Network, Caroline Nevejan researcher and designer, Bik Van der Pol art duo, Bruno Setola game thinker, Marleen Stikker initiator and CEO Waag Society, Prof. Dr. Ben Schouten professor playful interactions, Mike Thompson & Susana Cámara Leret designers, Thought Collider, Annelys de Vet designer, head of the design department of the Sandberg Instituut, Joanna van der Zanden curator.


Åbäke (UK) design studio, Andy Altmann (UK) designer, Jonathan Barnbrook (UK) designer, Rejane Dal Bello (BR/UK) designer, Dr. Sebastian Groes (UK) literature & cultural studies, Roehampton University, Andreas Gysin (CH) designer, Anab Jain & Jon Ardern (UK)designer, Studio Superflux, Jinyeoul Jung (KR) designer, Na Kim (KR) designer, Moon Kyungwon and Jeon Joonho (KR) art duo, News From Nowhere, Prem Krishnamurthy (US) designer and curator Project Projects, P!, Latitudes (UK/ES) curatorial duo, Olia Lialina (GE) Internet artist and theorist, Nathalie Shin (KR) curator, TOTAL Museum, Emily Smith (US/DE) designer, Paul Soulellis (US) designer and publisher, Sulki & Min (KR) design studio, Rick Poynor (UK) design critic and writer, Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries (KR) art duo.

Apply before May 8!