Els Kuijpers (NL)

Els Kuijpers (1958, ma art history at Leiden university, Netherlands) author and curator on graphic design and visual culture. Kuijpers sees writing as cultural, that is, value production. An interest that originates from the assumption that language (visual and textual) constructs meaning in dynamic, social processes.

She was head of the research centre and editor academic publications at the Jan van Eyck Academy, Maastricht. Currently she teaches design history and theory at the Royal art academy inThe Hague and exhibition design at the Academy for art and design in Zwolle. She has lectured at several other art schools in the Netherlands and abroad, and curated exhibitions for the Kunsthal Rotterdam and the Museum voor communicatie,The Hague. She regularly writes on graphic design for several design magazines and weekly’s, a.o. Creative review, Étapes, De Groene amsterdammer and Items.

Recently author of the monograph Ootje Oxenaar, designer + commissioner, Rotterdam 2011. and Strategies in communication design, Eindhoven 2015.