Bruno Setola (NL)

Bruno Setola is a Process Architect. He specialises in designing gameful and playful processes that engage and empower stakeholders.

Organisations he has worked with in this area include Schiphol International Airport, Port of Rotterdam, Jamie's Ministry of Food, Play The City, NICRO, Rotterdam CS, Thuiszorg Rotterdam, ProRail, City of Rotterdam, Online Dialogue, De Baak and Rotterdam University.

As Process Architect at PlaySpace he has designed innovative co-creation games that are used to generate design principles for 21st Century learning and working environments. The forthcoming emerging spaces and principles are scalable and negotiable and have already resulted in their application in new learning spaces, ranging from a single 'Living Lab' to an entirely new multi-storey building.

As World Builder at the World Building Institute he facilitates gamified workshops that generate new worlds that go beyond the rules of reality. The stories that emerge logically and intuitively from this world building process, empower participating stakeholders to discuss new value propositions and ensuing ethical dilemmas.

As Head of the four-year Way of Play curriculum, which Bruno has designed at the Willem de Kooning Academy, he leads a dream team of nine tutors that teach students play-based approaches in art and design. Included are courses such as 'Rules of the Game', 'Play Objects', 'Pervasive Games', 'Serious Games', 'Gamification' and 'Story Games'. Using real client cases, the main focus is on engaging and empowering stakeholders in positive social change processes.