what open set participants say

During the last 4 years we have been growing. Over time we have had more than 210 participants from 35 countries, such as: Italy, Portugal, Scotland, USA, Singapore, Ireland, Germany, Greece, Georgia, Australia, Spain, Taiwan, Russia, Romania, Canada, South Korea, Italy, Serbia, Scotland, Netherlands, Japan, Austria, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Ukraine, India, Portugal, Czech Republic, Brazil, Lebanon, Chile and Sweden.

“Open Set is not intended to teach design, but to provide an opportunity for experts of design or visual arts to experience interdisciplinary combination and cooperation. For the people who try to make ‘good’ design despite the risk of failure, rather than people who want to make ‘trendy’ design following the trend, I recommend participating in Open Set.”

— Desiree Niu (TW/USA)

“Open Set is not about creating pretty images, but about creating value by designing. The great amount of workshops gave us a variety of perspectives on designing experiences.”

— Brigitte Jansen (NL)

“Open Set was extremely surprising and refreshing. I have not experienced any design workshop close to it. I would recommend for participants to come with an open mind and high standards.”

— Joanna Cheung (S.KR)

“We live in a design bubble […] Design, always about design, for designers. […] Thank you for showing me that there are designers that actually care about the real world and its real problems, and also for showing me that, […] design can, and should, infiltrate itself into the non-designer world. ”

— Margarida Botelho (PO)

“It was really mind blowing meeting such professionals and being able to meet so many great people was the perfect addition to it. I feel inspired and very enriched on many levels. Congratulations for giving life to such thoughtful project.”

— Francesca Merlo (IT)

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