Open Set Reader 2016

Welcome to Open Set Reader

Next to our rich range of activities is Open Set's Reader — a series of brainy pieces carefully presented in this publication. From numerous qualitative articles and materials, to several captivating interviews; these texts embody the refined thoughts of today’s distinct designers, artists and thinkers. All these creative fundamentals are combined under the theme of Memories of the Future, and explore how the notion and perception of memory can be used to stimulate alternative approaches towards the future.

Next to inspiring pieces from amongst others Annelys de Vet, Max Bruinsma, Olia Lialina, and TD Architects, you’ll find an in depth examination of civility in a mediated society, together with the artistic duo Karen Lancel & Hermen Maat. An interview which explores Lancel / Maat’s artistic approach and their strong speculations regarding emerging future scenarios and possible alternative environments.

Furthermore, thinker and academic Sebastian Groes who brings us along into his future of memory, in which he posits ten characteristics of memory in the 21st Century, and considers a twenty-first century ethics of mind and memory. Also we talk with Mike Thompson and Susana Cámara Leteret (Thought Collider) about their inquisitive design research approach and the way it connects to this year’s theme of Open Set.

With this reader I endeavor to question the phenomena and role of archiving and retrieval. Cordially I invite you to the world of the current, future environments and intriguing scenarios of our utopian destiny.

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