past editions overview

During the last four editions we were honored to host workshops by 37 tutors and have participants from more than 35 countries. Below you can see a short video overview of the past editions.

editions in the netherlands

summer school 2012
theme: Utopia

With the theme Utopia we investigated the questions: what is the relationship between design and utopia, in history and nowadays? How does design reflect Utopia and how is it influenced by it? Is graphic design an idealistic idea? And should it be idealistic anyways?

tutors: Max Bruinsma, Thomas Castro (LUST), Liza Enebeis (Studio Dumbar), Petr van Blokland.

location: Breda, House of Visual Culture.

summer school 2013
theme: Commonomy

During the 2016 program we questioned the role of “Autonomy” in a totally designed culture and its influence on social values. We assembled this idea under a single term called “Commonomy”. The starting point of the discussion is the critical role of the designer within the cultural, political and technological contemporary conditions and the designer’s influence on social changes. We focused on what design can bring into the life of a community and on how design can be influenced by social processes. Is there a place for the traditional meaning of Autonomy within the field of design or should it be redefined?

tutors: Jonathan Barnbrook, Petr van Blokland, Max Bruinsma, Binna Choi, Dennis Elbers, Martijn Engelbregt, Daniel Gross, Wilfried Hou Je Bek, Geert Lovink, Joris Maltha, Christian Nyampeta, Marleen Stikker, Jan van Toorn, Annelys de Vet.

location: Breda, House of Visual Culture.

summer school 2014
theme: Social game

The theme “Social Game” centered on the role of the designer in processes of public engagement with cultural production and distribution. The processes we addressed and their consequences are directly connected to current global economical, technological, and social changes. The rise in new creative and decentralized forms of economy is reshaping working design conditions and relationships with clients and end users. We see that we are part of a new type of cross-disciplinary collaboration, which deals better with the complex and ever-changing requests from the public. Working in an era of technological boom, therefore, requires increased attention to the digital medium and the ability to adapt and build our own design tools.

This societal context positions the designer not as executor or producer, but as creator of strategies, facilitating the conditions for social processes and even provoking new ones. Open Set examined this theme by focusing on existing reactions from the creative industry to new social requirements—a focus informed by designers who create participatory and interactive experiences, act as journalists building visual stories, and initiate social processes and digital platforms.

tutors: Andy Altmann, Max Andrews, Max Bruinsma, Mariana Cánepa Luna, Jeanne van Heeswijk, Richard Fussey, Cuby Gerards, Andreas Gysin, Els Kuijpers, Karin Langeveld, Annelys de Vet, Richard Vijgen, Karel van der Waarde.

location: Rotterdam, Kunstblock.

summer school 2015
theme: Designing Experience: Moment — Stage — Memory

This edition examined creative strategies of designing experiences and their power to provoke and influence the construction of individual and collective identities. We considered two meanings of the term Experience: experience as the here and now, and experience as gathered knowledge, heritage, culture. The international group of participants investigated the meanings, ethics and strategies of designing new experiences and what impact those have on contemporary society.

tutors: Anab Jain & Jon Ardern (Studio Superflux), Prem Krishnamurthy (Project Projects), Emily Smith, Jan van Toorn, Ricardo O’Nascimento, Caroline Nevejan, Bruno Listopad, Martijn Engelbregt, Jacqueline Heerema, Max Bruinsma, Florian Cramer, Annette Krauss, Laura Pardo, Füsun Türetken, Els Kuijpers, Dennis Elbers, Christine Boshuijzen - van Burken.

location: Rotterdam, Kunstblock.

editions abroad

dutch design seoul sessions 2016
theme: Memories of the Future

Open Set Seoul Edition investigated the changing concepts of memory as part of our personal and collective identities, and how they are projected on images of the future. At the same time the event aimed to explore how this perception of the future alters our identities, our relations here and now. How these two concepts — memory and relations — are interconnected and how design research and practice can help to think differently about their future scenario?

The theme addressed first of all to the contemporary understanding of memory by itself — including thinking about information which presents our global memory, its contemporary digitalization and also its editing and mediation, — as well as the concept of relations between people, institutions, systems and etc., which were the prism for the discussion about past, present and future.

tutors: Sulki Choi and Min Choi, Karen Lancel (Lancel & Maat), Annelys de Vet (bureau DEVET), Peter Bilak, Jeroen Bardese (Studio LUST), Koert van Mensvoort (Next Nature Network), Jinyeoul Jung & Nathalie Shin (TOTAL Museum), Moon Kyungwon and Jeon Joonho, René Boer (Failed Architecture), Jihoi Lee (Imagining New Eurasia Project), Max Bruinsma.

location: Seoul, South Korea, Kookmin University.

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